Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank You

Hi all... I have been re-elected to a seat on the Santa Barbara Unified District School Board. As I deliberately chose not to raise or spend campaign funds without the help of all my friends this success would not have been possible. I am very grateful and look forward to your support and guidance as we do our very best to ensure that every child in our community receives the very best education possible. It will take a lot of effort, hard work and community support but I feel very good knowing the kind of support I have helping me in this cause. Thank you all very much. Ed

Monday, October 15, 2012

Teachers, Community and Education Leaders Support Ed Heron for School Board-2012 (revised 10/16/2012)

Susan Deacon-President Santa Barbara Unified School District Board
Annette Cordero-Santa Barbara Unified School District Board Member
Monique Limon-Santa Barbara Unified School District Board Member
Kate Parker-Santa Barbara Unified School District Board Member
Dr. Brian Sarvis-Former Superintendent-Santa Barbara Unified School District
Nancy Harter-Former Santa Barbara School District Board Member
Bob Noel-Former Santa Barbara School District Board Member
Lynn Rodriguez-Former Santa Barbara School District Board Member
Lanny Ebenstein-Former Santa Barbara School District Board Member
Steve Forsell-Former Santa Barbara School District Board Member
Mary Standlee-Former Santa Barbara School District Board Member
Steve Forsell-Former Santa Barbara School District Board Member
Claire VanBlaricum-Former Santa Barbara School District Board Member
Susan Epstein-President Goleta Union School District Board
Pam Kinsley-Goleta Union School District Board Member
Rich Mayer-Goleta Union School District Board Member
Bob Lagomarsino, Former US Congressman
Das Williams, Assemblyman-State of California            
Salud Carbajal-1st District Supervisor
Janet Wolf-2nd District Supervisor
Jeanne Graffy-Former 2nd District Supervisor
Helene Schneider-Mayor, Santa Barbara
Dale Francisco-City Council Member, Santa Barbara
Frank Hotchkiss-City Council Member, Santa Barbara
Grant House-City Council Member, Santa Barbara
Randy Rowse-City Council Member, Santa Barbara
Harwood "Bendy" White-City Council Member, Santa Barbara
Marty Blum-Former Mayor, Santa Barbara
Helene Beaver-Former City Council Member, Santa Barbara
Roger Horton-Former City Council Member, Santa Barbara
Dr. Dan Secord-Former City Council Member, Santa Barbara
Ed Easton-Mayor, Goleta
Roger Aceves-City Council Member, Goleta
Margaret Connell-City Council Member, Goleta
Michael Bennett-City Council Member, Goleta
Paula Perotte-City Council Member, Goleta
Joan Livingston-Trustee, Santa Barbara City College
Peter MacDougall-Former President, Santa Barbara City College
John Romo-Former President, Santa Barbara City College
Sally Green-Former Trustee, Santa Barbara City College
Becky and Ron Mulder, Community Educators-Retired
Dr. Trisha Ainsa, University Professor
Janet Rowse-Co-Founder Safe Launch
Sal Guerena-President Santa Barbara Education Foundation
Layne Wheeler-President SBTA
Michael Towbes-Community Leader
Gerd and Peter Jordano-Community Leaders
Sue and Ed Birch-Community Leaders
Keith Berry-Community Leader
John Davies-Community Leader
Kitty and Dave Peri-Community Leaders
Judy and Rob Egenolf-Community Leaders
Louise and David Borgatello-Community Leaders
Joe Howell-Community Leader
Ed Edick and Renee Grubb-Community Leaders
Silvio DiLoreto-Community Leader
Craig Case-Community Leader
Si Jenkins-Community Leader
Sylvia and Bill Redding-Community Leaders
Tish Gainey-Community Leader
Mary Rose-Community Leader
John Mackall-Community Leader
Shirley Ann Hurley-Community Leader
Joan and Les Esposito-Community Leaders
Cynthy Ardell-ALSB Member and Past President
Todd Capps-Co Chair-Measure A & B Committe
Brian Robinson-President, Harding School Foundation
Jerry Beaver-Community Leader

The Santa Barbara Independent
The Montecito Journal
Santa Barbara Teachers Association
CSEA Chapter 37
Santa Barbara Association of Realtors
Santa Barbara Women's Political Committee
Santa Barbara Republcan Central Committee

Extremely Valuable Supporters
Cathy Abarca
Dr. David Agnew
Chris Agnoli
Mike Ainsa, Esq
June Anderle
Karen Anderson
Loyd Applegate
Bruce Arden
Elisa Atwill
Brian Bailey
Kathleen Barnato
Anita and Don Barry
Barbara and David Biehl
Kim Bish
Brenda Blalock
Joe Blum
Catherine Boeddeker
Cece and Kirk Borchardt
Harvey Bottelsen
Janice Bowie
Sue Lake Bradbury
Wymond Bradbury
Ann and Ed Brady
Dr. Cory Bream
Tom Brennan
Steve Brown
Diana and Harrison Bull
Scott Burns
Lynn and Robert  Burtness
Tom Caesar
Jean and Dick Callanan
Joe Campanelli
Mary and Lou Cannon
Sue and Jim Carberry
Trudi Carey
Gloria Carmichael   
Nancy and Stuart Carroll  
Chris Casebeer       
Anne-Marie and Grant Castleberg
Valentina and Paul Castleberg
Karen and Roger Chackel
Jermaine Chastine
Day Day and David Chenoweth
John Chufar
Susan and Joe Cole
Patty Colman
Susan Conger
Thomas A. Connors
Mary Jane and Andy Cooper
Fred Dabby
Maria and Anthony Dal Bello
Pat and Tom DeBerry
Bob Dickey
Laurie Dorris
Terri and Andy Dowen
Marcia and Derrik Eichelberger
Aldora and Ray Eller
Susan and Steve Engles
Barbara and Chuck Farish
Marco Farrell
Shari and Matt Fay
Doug Fell
Lisa and Mark Fell
Don Farrand
Ann and Tony Fisher
Mary Elizabeth Fittipaldi
Patti and Monte Fligsten
Mary Flynn
Mary Forsell
Randy Freed
Kelly and Arick Fuller
Stephanie and Andy Fuller
Irene and Richard Fulton
Geoff Gaggs
Steve Gaither
Judy and Jim Garrett
Vicky and Dan Garsky
Jennifer Gibson
Holly and Ruben Gil
Carolyn Gillio
Sue and Gary Gleason
Steve Golis
Erline D. and Dexter J. Goodell
Charles Graffy
Connie and Norman Grant
Adam Gray
Susan Miles Gulbranson
Alva Gutierrez
Ellie and Bob Gymnaites
Tiffany Haller
Eric Hancey
Ann and Ron Harkey
Stan Hatch
Linda and Jeff Havlik
Nels Henderson
Mary Heron
Michael Holliday A/A
Marshall and Cecelia Howen
Kathy Hughes
Peg and Len Jarrott
Richard Jensen
Dianne Johnson
Alison and Steve Jordan
Charles Kaska
Al Keys
Joan Kieding
Joan and Larry Knapp
Barbara Koutnik
Erna and Richard Kraemar
Katherine and Bob Kroes
Patricia and Peter Kruse
Ginny and Paul Kuhn
Laura Kuhn
Marguerite and Frank LaFlamme
Norma Lagomarsino
Ellen and Robert Lawson
Patty and Archie Macomber
Jon Mahoney
Bob Maloy
Kathy Marvin
Mike McCormack
Judith McDermott
Maurie McGuire
Gail McMahon-Persoon
Joni Meisel
Debbie Merlo
Gina and Frank Meyers
Virginia and Les Miller
Cathy and Mark Moseley
Raul Navarro
Peter Naylor
Mike Neville
John Nisbet
Joan and Bill Oakley
Valerie O’Connor
Madeline and Julio Petrini
Dave Pintard
Kristine Power
Marie Profant
Cathy Rampton
Lin and Randy Reetz
Carla and Doug  Reeves
Patti and Bob Reid
Paul Relis
Joan Roberts
Shirley Roby
Mary Romo
Bob Ruccione
Richard Sacco
Leslie Sanderson
Don Schafer
Marilyn Rickard Schafer
Judy and David Schiefen
Leslie and Frank Schipper
Susan B. Schmidt
Eric Schott
Mary Secord
Jean Sedar
Sandra Shove
Betty Slater
Guy Smith
David Spainhour
Karen Spechler
Kathy and Paul Spieler
Jason Spievak
Carol and Middleton Squier
Dr. Jon Standlee
Gail and Neil Steadman
Joanne and Bill Stoltz
Stan Tabler
Maria Del Carmen Tapia
Jennifer Thorsch
Christopher Toomey
Linda Trujillo
Bob Tuler
Lara and Bill Urbany
Joe, Majalisa and Jack Van Thyne
Lynn and Richard Wells
Mary and John Wiemann
Mark Whitehurst
Carol and Rick Wilson
Alistar and Ann Winn
Judy and Vince Wood
Michael Woodard
Ann and George Wolverton
Richard Yee
Kevin Young
Diane Zamora
Craig Zimmerman
Paul and Susan (Beasley) Zink
*Titles For Identificatiion Purposes Only

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Santa Barbara Independent Endorses Ed Heron

"Of all elected positions, few are as challenging as that of a school boardmember. Typically, the only candidates truly qualified to serve are those that already have. In this regard, incumbent Ed Heron has enough experience under his belt to make a real contribution, and he still asks the most probing questions, always cordially posed, when it comes to the dismal arithmetic of school-district finances. Heron shows up to board meetings ready to work and rarely misses major school events."

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Your Vote Counts-Education Counts!

The Santa Barbara School Board election is important to every voter in Santa Barbara, Montecito and Goleta. You ALL get to vote. Call me if you have any questions on this topic. 805 687-7639 or Please vote for Ed Heron.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Santa Barbara Teachers Association

I am very happy to have received this week as I did in 2008 the endorsement of the Santa Barbara Teachers Association. As we all know it is the teachers in whom we entrust our children and it is my hope that we all give them tremendous support and gratitude.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Clear Vision-Let's Celebrate What Is Right With Our Schools

When your vision is clear and it is one of possibilities you open yourself up to passion and creativity which allows the achievement of rewarding and marvelous results. Here is my vision:

Our Schools are Great

Our Teachers are Terrific

Education Counts and it is Wonderful

A Vision Regarding Our Young People

Children growing up in good health, with a zest for learning and living. We see them with a spark inside that makes them want to share their talents with those less fortunate, and work for the good of the order, just because it is the right thing to do.
We see children who are free of fear, free of abuse, free or drugs, free of prejudice.
We see children who are free to reach beyond their circumstances, whatever those might be, and to join a society that welcomes their contributions on the job, in the community, and in the voting booth.
And we see a community willing to work together to bring all our children closer to that dream.

Bill Cirone, Santa Barbara County Superintendent of Schools

Friday, September 7, 2012

Re-Election Update

I was impressed with this comment by Ima Hastings (whom I do not know) in a response to a column in the Santa Barbara View website: "If you believe in someone, commit to reaching out to at least 10 other people, 100 other people is even better. Ask them to reach out to 10-100 other people too. Be grounded and solid in your support and it can make that difference on election day to get that one extra vote to put your candidate over the top, and probably a lot more." This is especially relevant to my desire to serve another 4 years because I made the conscious decision prior to filing for re-election that I would not accept financial contributions.  Please refer your friends and ask them to refer their friends to my website:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

H. Edward Heron Will Seek Re-election

Santa Barbara, CA – July 20, 2012 – Santa Barbara Unified School District Board member (President 2010) H. Edward Heron announced today that he will be seeking re-election at the November election. Heron states, “I believe strong public schools, that serve every student well, are the backbone of our democracy. I will continue working to improve the education of students at all levels and with all backgrounds, and to provide the tools necessary for teachers and administrators to be successful. High priorities on my agenda include fiscal responsibility, increasing student achievement, closing the achievement gap, 21st century technology, career education, parent involvement, wellness and school safety.” Since joining the School Board four years ago the challenges have been tremendous. Heron’s leadership has helped in creating an atmosphere of civility, dignity, confidence and trust among the School Board, Administration, Teachers, Staff, Families and Community while being forced to cut the budget over $20,000,000 and maintaining a positive financial certification. Heron has diligently monitored the parcel tax and bond revenue to ensure that parcel taxes supplement music, art and theatre programs, foreign language, math, science and technology education. Heron continues to work to ensure that bond funds are allocated to the highest priority needs for our facilities. Heron reflects, “I took the opportunity to complete the two-year Masters in Governance program provided by the California School Board Association and gained the knowledge and skills to support an effective governance structure to successfully govern todays’ public schools. I am dedicated to ensuring that Santa Barbara, Goleta and Montecito have the finest public schools possible capable of providing every student a world class-education; I look forward to working diligently over the next four years and will provide the leadership to make this vision a reality.” Heron attended Peabody, La Cumbre Junior High School and Santa Barbara High School and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics from Claremont McKenna College. He enjoyed a 45 year career in real estate leadership in Santa Barbara and California, along with serving as a Director on the Boards of City Commerce Bank and Mid State Bank and Trust. Heron continues to be active with Partners in Education (President 2007) and has been a leader of its Computer’s For Families program for 15 years, facilitating the delivery of 9,200 free computers to families on the South Coast. For the past four years Heron has had the opportunity to serve as Chair of the Measure V Bond Citizen’s Oversight Committee for Santa Barbara City College. Heron and his wife Mary have been married 45 years; they have 3 children (Kelly, John and Molly) and 8 grandchildren. Heron can be reached at or 805.687.7639.

Ed Heron with Grandkids

Ed Heron with Grandkids

Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank You

Hi all...By a slim margin of 201 votes (26,135-25,934) I have been elected to a seat on the Santa Barbara School Board. Without the help of everyone receiving this message it would not have been possible. I am very grateful and look forward to your support and guidance as we do our very best to ensure that every child in our community receives the very best education possible. It will take a lot of effort, hard work and community support but I feel very good knowing the kind of support I have helping me in this cause. Thank you all very much. Ed

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Santa Barbara Region Chamber of Commerce announced its support of Ed Heron for the Santa Barbara School Board covering Montecito, Santa Barbara and Goleta. The Chamber believes that Ed Heron is one of the "best qualified to represent the interest of the business community...he is a dedicated volunteer and philanthropist.....he cares about education and the community."

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Thank You Note From Superintendent Bill Cirone

April 4, 2008
Dear Ed:
A very special thank you for your strong leadership as chairman of Partners In Education (PIE) this past year. Your vision, skilled leadership, and tenacity have helped PIE reach new heights. The partnership with you and Ben has been terrific to watch.
I truly appreciate your caring, your passion, and the time you give to education through PIE. Your efforts truly make a difference. You are a role model and inspiration for all of us.
William J. Cirone

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Focus on Education

Public schools, that serve every student well, are the backbone of our democracy. The State of California Constitution guarantees that every student will be given a quality education. I will work to improve the education of every student, and to provide the tools necessary for principals and teachers to be successful. My focus will be on fiscal responsibility, supporting talented teaching professionals, implementing the 2008-2013 technology plan and making certain, by citizen oversight, that the parcel tax funds, if the ballot measures are passed, are used to supplement music, art and theatre programs, foreign language, math, science and technology education. My passion is creating partnerships, never needed more than right now, between parents, educators, non-profits and the business community knowing that children do well when supported by family and the community.

The Pacific Coast Business Times, in an editorial on August 15, 2008 included this observation: “.....Heron will stand for sound business fiscal practices and high levels of professional conduct.”

I am dedicated to Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Montecito having the finest public schools possible emphasizing achievement for all students. It is mandatory that we close the achievement gap by raising up those that need help while maintaining and increasing the level of those that are achieving.